Lincoln Grows

Lincoln Grows is our outdoor classroom initiative designed to engage, inspire, and empower through getting outdoors. Studies have shown that schools with an outdoor curriculum score higher than those with traditional systems in 72% of assessments: in everything from math and science to attendance.

Apart from academics, research shows that time in nature: facilitates physical development, reduces violence and bullying, develops and interest in science and math in connection with nature, increases cooperation, boosts cognitive functioning, reduces stress, improves focus and attention, and builds stewardship skills for the environment.

We are hoping that this entire space will inspire our kinesthetic learners to absorb more of the lesson. Kinesthetic learners need to move their bodies in order to learn. This outdoor classroom space allows them to learn through doing and equips teachers with another tool to aide in reaching their students.​

Living Lecture and Sensory Garden

An outdoor classroom area was installed and defined by landscaping. This green space can provide inspiration for many cross-curriculum uses: keeping a journal of the area flora, measuring plant heights and diameters, sketching the landscape, learning history of early settlers, or even just reading a book. The sensory garden surrounding this space hosts a myriad of lessons: from the five senses in kindergarten to mapping topography and the watershed in fifth grade. A 95-gallon water barrel was installed in order to water our perennial in-ground plants and teach sustainability. 

Still to come: A QR-code element for kids to scan the plants in order to learn the names and information on the plants.

Raised Garden Beds

Two raised garden beds were constructed out of cedar and outfitted with an automatic irrigation system. Children are now able to plant, maintain, and harvest this food for consumption or donation. School gardens can help students, school staff and families make the connection between growing food and good diets, develop life skills and increase environmental awareness.

S.T.E.M. Spot

A large magnet wall was installed and surrounded by stump seats. Magnetic ramps, chutes, and tubes can teach elementary students all about force, motion, and gravity. Magnetic gears, letters, and numbers can all be used for this wall.

Zen Zone

This area includes two convertible benches surrounded by evergreen shrubs. This space is designed to be a refuge for students struggling with emotions or if they have medical conditions preventing them to participate in recess. Also highlighted in this area is our “Zones of Regulation” sign that allows children to check in on their feelings while practicing mindfulness. A beautiful custom pergola has been installed to provide some shade and peace.

Patio Classroom

Our paver patio includes octagonal picnic tables and shade sails to offer some respite from the sun. Three experiment desks were also constructed for those lessons that require a little more investigation.

STILL TO COME: A writing board will be constructed for teachers to write their lessons on, as well as one more table for additional seating.

Exploration Station

A dual-use sign has been installed, backed with interactive elements about weather and a matching game that can be modified based on the subject being taught.