Fill our yearbook

Hi Parents!

We need your help to FILL OUR YEARBOOK this year! So each week we will have a new photo theme. Take a photo of your kid(s) that fits the theme, and upload it to our community photo site for consideration in the yearbook.
The great news – you can upload ANY TIME for any of the themes! So don’t feel stressed if you forget a week. Do it at your own pace. Just do a few. Or, upload new photos each week.

To upload: go to Find our school and create a log in. Once on the site, click the BLUE “upload photos” button on the left. Choose your photos to upload. Then in the field “Choose an upload folder” – look for your child’s teacher’s name, followed by the appropriate descriptor (example – WITT REMOTE RECESS or WITT CHALK TALK).  Then follow the prompts to finish your upload!

If you have a photo with more than one child in it with different teachers, just look for the generic folder header for that category (example – REMOTE RECESS, or CHALK WALK).

We’ll put out weekly reminders for the photo themes – but here’s the full list through the end of this year:

SEPTEMBER 21 – REMOTE RECESS (photos of outside fun/exercise)

(photos of chalk art/chalk messages)

OCTOBER 5 – STUFFIE SELFIES (selfie of you and your favorite stuffed animal(s))

OCTOBER 12 – “MY SPACE” (photo of you in your remote learning space)

OCTOBER 19 – PET PROJECTS (photo of you and your pet)

OCTOBER 26 – COSTUMES CAPTURED (photo of you in your Halloween costume)

NOVEMBER 2 – SHOW YOUR SPIRIT (photo of you in Lincoln or class spirit wear)

NOVEMBER 9 – REMOTE READING (photo of you reading at home)

NOVEMBER 16 HOME COOK (photo of you cooking/baking in the kitchen)

NOVEMBER 23 – GIVING THANKS (take a photo with someone or something that you are thankful for)

NOVEMBER 30 – PAJAMA PLAYTIME (photo of you in your favorite PJs)

DECEMBER 2 – MUSICAL ME (photo of you making music at home)

DECEMBER 14 – HOLIDAY BEST (photo of you in your holiday best or a festive outfit)

There are also teacher-specific and general folders for the following categories – if you have any photos from these events you’d still like to upload.


There’s also a ZOOM ROOM category for each teacher for any great shots of your Zoom sessions or even screen captures of the class you may have grabbed.

Any questions? Reach out to .

Thanks for your help!

Kim Pirc
Yearbook Coordinator

Patriot day

Patriot Day looks a little different this year, but we are no less thankful to our first responders.

Feel free to show your support by posting pictures/videos of how your family is thanking first responders this year. (As always… if you’re not comfortable posting, please email them to so they can be included in the yearbook!)

Below are some sample coloring pages if you’d like to print those out and have your kids color them today!

Physical and DIgital Photo Opportunities

Hey Lincoln!

We have a few different photo opportunities for the first day/first week of school!

-Front of school by the marquee

-Front of school in our “photo booth”

-A “Virtual Frame” on facebook

We also welcome any front porch photos, first zoom interaction with teacher photos, any other photos you’d like to submit! Please e-mail them to or post them in a comment below! 💙💛#lincolnproud

Hi-Jynx is in a Neighborhood Near You!

In an attempt to synthesize an “event” that families can share while being socially distant, the Lincoln PTA brings you:


The hunt will last for the next two weeks (8 Jynxes are already hiding in your neighborhood) and your family can hunt on your own schedule!

Visit to see how you get started with your hunt!

**Please note: This is our first time doing this (so please, give us grace) and we have 72 Jynxes to monitor! You can help us by keeping your eye out on the ones that you’ve found. Also, if you see anyone attempting to take a Jynx, please let them know that they’re spoiling the fun for the students at Lincoln!**

You can also use these clues to help you find Jynx!

Join the PTA!

Flyers to join the PTA went out in your child’s take-home material bag, but we wanted to make it official:


If you were in the PTA last year, your membership ends on September 30th and we don’t want you to miss out on some of the fun things we are doing this year. We are *hoping* to have things back to normal by January, but in the meantime, we are planning a calendar that adheres to social distancing guidelines set up by the CDC.

Through fundraising efforts, the PTA has been able to purchase educational materials and equipment, build an outdoor classroom, support classroom teachers, purchase water bottle filling stations, purchase technology for the media center, and support school activities (like the Hi-Jynx Scavenger Hunt that starts tomorrow in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!).

A membership is the first and easiest step to becoming a part of the PTA.  Your annual support of $8 per individual (1 vote) and $12 per family (2 votes)* helps fund school improvements, events, programs, and more.  The PTA is made up of parents, teachers, and staff.  The PTA is a great way to get information about the events that are happening at Lincoln, meet people, show your support, and it gives you a vote at any PTA general meeting.

*Due to COVID, we will only be accepting online PTA registrations this year. Please use our link to register for the PTA and stay in-the-know on all things Lincoln!

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