*Hi- Jynx in process…

It’s Story time!!! Once there was a very smart boy named…. Max! and it seemed that he couldn’t be fooled, especially by goofy ladies who ate toast with butter on the bottom instead of the top and wore her clothes inside out and backwards. She was so silly, that she gave things away without meaning to. OOPS! So, she heard about this very clever boy and how he figured out her puzzle, so she set out to fool the boy.

Who’s ready to put on a show??

Ta Da!!

Who’s at the wall hiding behind the umbrella???

Hmmmmm…. I’m sure you got that one right didn’t you clever boy??? 🙂 I will try again….

Oh No!! Who’s about to washed away by a big wave???

Who is Ready to start to start school and wave to all his friends??

You ARE a very clever boy aren’t you??? I’m going to have to really step up my trickiness for the next one!!!

Who is a super gardener growing all these carrots? Can you move the tomatoes and find out?