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Read-A-Thon AT Lincoln

We will be starting on:

Welcome Parents, Students, and Friends to our Read-a-thon!

This year, we are excited to announce that we will hold a Read-a-thon fundraiser. Our Read-a-thon is a program that brings students together with family and friends to encourage reading and to build literacy skills, EVEN AT-A-DISTANCE! The main focus of the Read-a-thon is for everyone to know we are committed to improving reading skills. To that end, the Read-a-thon promises to be a fun, exciting journey for all participants as they begin a personal Reading Adventure that challenges each reader to complete 10 reading sessions over our 2-week event.

Our Read-a-thon will start April 7, 2021.

We encourage you to activate your reader’s account today by clicking on and following the simple instructions. (search by teacher or by code you received from your teacher)

We understand that, as parents, you have high expectations for the quality of your child’s education but also have limited time. That’s why we chose to hold a Read-a-thon. You will find this to be the easiest fundraiser possible. By simply activating your reader’s personal page and using the promotional tools found there, friends and family anywhere in the world can show their support for your reader by making a donation to your Read-a-thon.

But wait, there’s more! 

The Top 3 Readers and the Top 3 Earners at Lincoln will win a prize!

Top Reader Prizes

Top Earner Prizes

Eric Smith said that “When kids grow up not seeing themselves in books, they grow up feeling like they don’t matter.” Instead of teachers having to pay out-of-pocket to add variety to their classroom libraries, this fundraiser is helping teachers supplement their classroom libraries with more diverse books! If we exceed our fundraising goal for books, the money raised by this fundraiser will also go towards enhancing PTA initiatives that will better reflect our physically, mentally, and emotionally diverse Lincoln Community. Curious about some of the characteristics at Lincoln? You can check out our Illinois Report Card!

Your involvement in the Read-a-thon will help your child develop a lasting love of reading. We hope each one of you will activate your child’s personal page the day your child brings home their paperwork.

-The Lincoln PTA

Lincoln Teacher and Staff Winter Appreciation

Hi Lincoln Family!

The Lincoln Staff has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to educate, support, and engage our kiddos remotely, and we wanted to orchestrate a little something to celebrate them for this winter season.

If you find yourself shopping over the next week, and you feel inspired to donate: we have a list of items* here that you can sign up to donate!

There will be a big tote outside Lincoln from Monday 12/7-Friday 12/11 for item dropoff, or contact and one of our elves can pop by your house for pickup!

Or, if you aren’t able to make it to the store but would like to donate financially, you can donate here:

Thank you for helping us bring a little bit of joy to our hardworking staff! #lincolnproud

*due to some staff being remote, it has been requested to provide non-perishable items in lieu of food.

Join the PTA!

Flyers to join the PTA went out in your child’s take-home material bag, but we wanted to make it official:


If you were in the PTA last year, your membership ends on September 30th and we don’t want you to miss out on some of the fun things we are doing this year. We are *hoping* to have things back to normal by January, but in the meantime, we are planning a calendar that adheres to social distancing guidelines set up by the CDC.

Through fundraising efforts, the PTA has been able to purchase educational materials and equipment, build an outdoor classroom, support classroom teachers, purchase water bottle filling stations, purchase technology for the media center, and support school activities (like the Hi-Jynx Scavenger Hunt that starts tomorrow in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!).

A membership is the first and easiest step to becoming a part of the PTA.  Your annual support of $8 per individual (1 vote) and $12 per family (2 votes)* helps fund school improvements, events, programs, and more.  The PTA is made up of parents, teachers, and staff.  The PTA is a great way to get information about the events that are happening at Lincoln, meet people, show your support, and it gives you a vote at any PTA general meeting.

*Due to COVID, we will only be accepting online PTA registrations this year. Please use our link to register for the PTA and stay in-the-know on all things Lincoln!

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