Lincoln’s GRIT Games

Welcome to Lincoln’s Grit Games! A chance for your family (or your Pod) to compete in a contest designed to stretch your physical and mental skills to develop GRIT. This free event occurs on September 16th and is open to all Lincoln Families. The Grit Games DO require pre-registration, just select the time that works best for you before September 15th!

SHOW US YOUR GRIT and Register now!

Do you have what it takes to persevere?

In order to make the Grit Games a reality… we need help from volunteers like you! Register to run the race with your family or friends, and then sign up to volunteer for a shift! It’s a win/win!

How it works: 

  • Select your preferred time slot and register your team with the total amount of players participating in the game.
  • The Grit Games will be completely outdoors, and is good for kids & adults of all ages (it will involve mental and physical challenges. If you have younger kiddos, they may need adult help with reading/problem solving)
  • All teams must have between 2-10* participants. Your team can include whoever you’re comfortable being with in a close proximity and sharing tools.
    • You can sign up as a family and select the number of people participating on the registration page.
    • OR, combine multiple families and/or friends and select the number of people participating on the registration page.
  • Please show up 5 minutes prior to the time of your registration slot. Due to COVID, we will not be able to accommodate teams that do not show up on time
  • The Grit Games should take around 20 minutes to complete.

We will be adhering to current IDPH COVID guidelines for outdoor sporting events. Currently, masks do not need to be worn for outdoor activities.

  • Please bring your own water.
  • Please wear athletic clothes (Grade-Level Shirts) that you can get dirty and/or wet.

*10 is not a “hard” cap… feel free to add more children to your team; however, stations are geared towards groups of 4-6 players, so may be easier or harder with more students participating.

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