Lincoln Grows Stewardship Program!

Thank you for your interest in joining the LincolnGrows Stewardship Team!

We are looking for friends, families, and community members to come and help with summer maintenance of the outdoor classroom.

LincolnGrows is our outdoor classroom initiative designed to engage, inspire, and empower through getting outdoors. Studies have shown that schools with an outdoor curriculum score higher than those with traditional systems in 72% of assessments: in everything from math and science to attendance. Apart from academics, research shows that time in nature: facilitates physical development, reduces violence and bullying, develops and interest in science and math in connection with nature, increases cooperation, boosts cognitive functioning, reduces stress, improves focus and attention, and builds stewardship skills for the environment. For more information about LincolnGrows, Click Here!

What you can do:

-Sign up for a slot HERE

-Bring gloves & watering cans (and water bottles for you… it can get hot out there!)

-Weeding: if you aren’t sure if its a weed, PLEASE leave it alone. It is a big space, so don’t feel like you need to do everything. Every little bit helps!

-Water (if it hasn’t rained in the last 2 days) the plants that look thirsty. The water barrel in the southeast corner of the space should be full of water. High-maintenance fellows like our hydrangea should get hit with water every time you go out there. Our raised beds are irrigated, so you don’t need to water there.

-Explore the space with your group and see how nature can be used to teach: grit, growth mindset, curiosity, collaboration, and empathy. There might even be a few fun games out there to play while you work!

Thank you for supporting Lincoln and giving our kinesthetic learners a place to learn and grow!

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