Lincoln’s Quaran-TEAM Quest

Lincoln Quaran-TEAM Quest

Welcome to The Quaran-Team Quest AT LINCOLN ELEMENTARY! A chance for your family (or your Pod) to compete in an Amazing Race style fun-run on school grounds on May 12th or May 13th! Utilize all 5 of Lincoln’s Core values: grit, growth mindset, curiosity, collaboration, and empathy to see if your team can Complete the Quest!

How it works: 

Pre-register your team by CLICKING HERE

  • All teams must have a MINIMUM of 2 participants, 10 at the most. Your team can include whoever you’re comfortable being with in a close proximity. The Quest is outdoors, and is good for kids & adults of all ages (it will involve kicking, throwing, jumping, running, and codebreaking challenges).
    • Have you been quarantining only as a family? Great, sign up with your family name.
    • Did your kids have a Pod to get through COVID? Combine multiple families and friends if you’re comfortable with everyone working together within 6′.
  • Please show up 5 minutes prior to the time of your registration slot. Due to COVID, we will not be able to accommodate teams that do not show up on time
  • 5 Stations will be set up per time slot with each team at a different station. Social distancing guidelines will be in place, as each station will be more than 12′ apart and no teams will be at the same station at the same time. Any “touch” items will be sanitized between teams.
  • The Quest should take around 20 minutes to complete. When you are finished… don’t forget to take a picture with your team!

We will be adhering to IDPH guidelines for sports

  • At this time, we are requiring masks to be worn at all times. Masks will not be provided.
  • Please bring your own water.
  • Please wear athletic clothes you can get dirty and/or wet.

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