Fill our yearbook

Hi Parents!

We need your help to FILL OUR YEARBOOK this year! So each week we will have a new photo theme. Take a photo of your kid(s) that fits the theme, and upload it to our community photo site for consideration in the yearbook.
The great news – you can upload ANY TIME for any of the themes! So don’t feel stressed if you forget a week. Do it at your own pace. Just do a few. Or, upload new photos each week.

To upload: go to Find our school and create a log in. Once on the site, click the BLUE “upload photos” button on the left. Choose your photos to upload. Then in the field “Choose an upload folder” – look for your child’s teacher’s name, followed by the appropriate descriptor (example – WITT REMOTE RECESS or WITT CHALK TALK).  Then follow the prompts to finish your upload!

If you have a photo with more than one child in it with different teachers, just look for the generic folder header for that category (example – REMOTE RECESS, or CHALK WALK).

We’ll put out weekly reminders for the photo themes – but here’s the full list through the end of this year:

SEPTEMBER 21 – REMOTE RECESS (photos of outside fun/exercise)

(photos of chalk art/chalk messages)

OCTOBER 5 – STUFFIE SELFIES (selfie of you and your favorite stuffed animal(s))

OCTOBER 12 – “MY SPACE” (photo of you in your remote learning space)

OCTOBER 19 – PET PROJECTS (photo of you and your pet)

OCTOBER 26 – COSTUMES CAPTURED (photo of you in your Halloween costume)

NOVEMBER 2 – SHOW YOUR SPIRIT (photo of you in Lincoln or class spirit wear)

NOVEMBER 9 – REMOTE READING (photo of you reading at home)

NOVEMBER 16 HOME COOK (photo of you cooking/baking in the kitchen)

NOVEMBER 23 – GIVING THANKS (take a photo with someone or something that you are thankful for)

NOVEMBER 30 – PAJAMA PLAYTIME (photo of you in your favorite PJs)

DECEMBER 2 – MUSICAL ME (photo of you making music at home)

DECEMBER 14 – HOLIDAY BEST (photo of you in your holiday best or a festive outfit)

There are also teacher-specific and general folders for the following categories – if you have any photos from these events you’d still like to upload.


There’s also a ZOOM ROOM category for each teacher for any great shots of your Zoom sessions or even screen captures of the class you may have grabbed.

Any questions? Reach out to .

Thanks for your help!

Kim Pirc
Yearbook Coordinator

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