LincolnGrows Needs You!

Are you looking for a way to get your kids outside while giving back to your community? Take part in our LincolnGrows Stewardship Team! Take your kids out and teach them about science, diversity, empathy, and preservation while taking care of our outdoor classroom.

Choose a day to be in charge of watering and weeding the garden. You choose the date and time! Pick either a Sunday or Monday date, or a Thursday or Friday date. You can go whatever time fits into your family’s schedule, but the weather is typically coolest earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

Current conditions with COVID prevent us from providing universal watering cans at the school, so you will need to bring your own watering cans and gloves. Water can be obtained from the water barrel and please only water the plants that need it. Only weed as long as you are comfortable. Take a small section and clear it of weeds as best as you can: there will always be more weeds than you have time for.

You can partner with another person/family if you are comfortable, but please no more than 10 people total at a time and remember to practice social distancing.

Also: if your kiddos are asking what the plants are in the space: please feel free to use our Plant ID Book!

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